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Merry Chistmas ^^

The picture above is from the 21st December. The Vietnamese in my university got together and threw a party, kinda like a congratulation to all the Vietnamese for successfully completing another semester XD not all the people in the picture are Vietnamese thought, one of them is Chinese, one of them is half Philippine. Anyway we're all Asians, lol. 

One of them is not from my uni, she was just visiting me so I kinda pulled her along.

The party was so much fun, it's good to be with people from the same country (or continent) as you are, especially when you're studying abroad. At that moment, I really felt as if I was in Vietnam, I was home, and I was once again living the life that I was so used to. It's not that I dislike my life here in Paris, but I can't help being homesick, and life gets hard from time to time. But in the end, that's the point of us living in this world, neh?

Anyway, it's Christmas time :p the time of the year when you will hear Christmas songs everywhere: TV, shops, radio, etc. So Merry Christmas everyone ^^ have a peaceful and loving Christmas with your family and your loved ones.

People said the picture looks like my birthday *rotfl*

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Thank you ^^ this one is my fav picture in the bunch ^^

I'm also glad that I got to meet these amazing people :D

I know!!!! *HUGS YOU BACK*

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